Uncovering urban green spaces

  • We often think of great access to green space applying more to the countryside than built-up areas but there is a surprising amount of green space (parks, playing fields and other accessible green space) in our towns and cities with much of it within easy reach.
  • Analysis of recently published data from the Ordnance Survey shows that around 1 in 5 homes in Great Britain are within 100m of a green space with the average distance being 301m.
  • Research by University of Warwick found that people living within 300 metres of a 1ha (2.47 acres) green space have a statistically significant wellbeing boost. They also found that the wellbeing boost increased for every additional hectare of green space within 300 metres.
  • Only 17% of people are lucky enough to live within 300m of a green space which provides that wellbeing boost. How far is your nearest large green space? Source: #Dataloft, Ordnance Survey, University of Warwick, Property Academy Renter Survey 2023
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