Market outlook: Rents, moderation required

  • Rental growth has been high the last few years. Affordability is now increasingly critical and rental growth rates are expected to moderate.
  • UK annual rental growth is currently at 7.9%, however this has moderated slightly from highs of 10.4% in June 2023.
  • Renters paid an average 33.3% of their income on their rent in April. Renter affordability has weakened in all UK regions over the last year, most notably in the North East and Wales.
  • Rental growth will likely still be high in 2024, although down from the last few years, but beyond 2024 expect rates of closer to long-term earnings of around 3% p.a. 


Source: #Dataloft by PriceHubble, HMRC, Bank of England, HomeLet April
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